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GoPro Fusion Specifications And Details

GoPro has finally launched the new GoPro Fusion action camera. GoPro Fusion has got two 18 megapixel fish-eye lenses which will give you the freedom to take 360-degree videos and photos.

GoPro Fusion is designed in such way that it can be strapped to any part of you of your kits like your car, bike, shoes, or anything with the help of accessory mounts and help you to take the best shot every single time.

GoPro Fusion comes with some new and impressive features in it. GoPro Fusion comes with waterproof protection which can protect the GoPro Fusion down to 16ft, you can take it anywhere and capture you dream shots. You can now control your GoPro Fusion with your own voice, as it comes with new simple voice commands for hands-free controlling.

With the help of new GoPro Fusion, you can actually create immersive VR experiences in stunning 5.2k video and relive the reality without stitch lines getting in the way.

GoPro Fusion comes with the new GoPro app, through which you can create and share your videos and photos instantly. With the GoPro app, you can preview and playback shots, edit videos and share them on the spot without any issue.

GoPro Fusion captures spherical photos and videos so you can find your best shot later and it also capture amazing audio coming at you from every direction. GoPro Fusion comes with a whole new level of ultra smooth stabilization and 5.2k video without a gimbal, which will give you the feeling like having a professional film crew with you all the time no matter wherever you go.

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