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Sharp Launches ‘J-Series’ Air Purifier In India Starts Rs 19,250

Sharp business system India Private Limited has launched four new air purifiers in India starting from Rs 19,250. Sharp has launched SHARP FP-J30M-B, SHARP FP-J40M-W, SHARP FP-J60M-W and SHARP FP-J80M-H which comes with price tags of Rs 19,250, Rs 27,000, Rs 35,000 and Rs 39,000 respectively.

SHARP Business System India Private Limited, the 100% subsidiary of SHARP Corporation, Japan announced the launch of the “J Series” Room Air Purifiers which are primarily designed and built for India.

As for the pricing and availability of new SHARP FP-J30M-B which comes with a price tag of Rs 19,250 and will be exclusively available via Vestige Marketing Private Limited.

They will be available for purchase via Sharp online and offline Sales & Distribution Networks across India. It comes with PM10 Pre Filter which is washable, and it can trap particles of size up to 10 microns.

All the four air purifiers come with a HAZE mode, which helps to purify the air of poisonous HAZE substances like NOx, Toluene, Sox, Benzene and more using the Plasmacluster, HEPA and Carbon Filters.

During the winters times, the density of pollutants increases in the lower atmosphere. More number of pollutants enters the respiratory tract in one breath.

Company also claims that these do not produce any harmful Ozone during the Purification process. The company assures that it has got all these air purifiers tested from 30 global labs including IEC Japan and the British Allergy Foundation.

The SHARP new FP-J30M-B will be made available exclusively through Vestige Marketing Private Limited, while the SHARP FP-J40M-W, SHARP FP-J60M-W, and SHARP FP-J80M-H will be made available through the Sharp’s own online and offline Sales & Distribution Networks across India.

Air purifiers launched by Sharp India Private Limited come with high-density ACTIVE Plasmacluster Technology which is combined with PASSIVE Mechanical Filtration Systems consists of a PM10 Pre Filter, Carbon Filter, and H14 Grade True HEPA Filter to trap and eliminate the harmful substances.

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