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Sony launched Three Audio Systems With An All-In-One Box Design

Sony has launched three high-quality audio systems with all-in-one box design. The three audio systems are MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D respectively.

These sound systems are featured with cool features and can use gesture control and motion control on the MHC series which helps navigate through FM, TV, audio input and Bluetooth.

These Sony box speakers are featured with an integrated DVD player with HDMI output.

The new Sony box speakers come with Speaker Add function which can add another speaker through Bluetooth. Each of speakers comes with a 0.5W output when on standby.

Sony is NFC one-touch pairing which is compatible with the Music Centre and Fiestable apps. These new Sony audio systems support audio and video in MP3, MP4, and XVID formats.

The MHC-V81D and MHC-V71D provide 360-degree live sound and 360-degree party and speaker lights while the MHC-V41D comes with spread sound, speaker light, and party light on top.

On the MHC-V81D and MHC-V71D you will find a Taiko Mode with a Taiko Game mode for more interactive sound.

Sony audio system comes with different audio modes which are supported by Clearaudio+ and Surround Sound through Dolby Digital.

MHC series’ Karaoke mode provides Key Control, Mic Control, Vocal Fader, Voice Changer and Echo mode.

The music systems through the Music Center app allow users to control music and sound settings from the phone.

The MHC-V41D has the dimensions 32.8 x 79.6 x 30.8cm and weighs 13.5 kg while the MHC-V71D is 37.0 x 93.0 x 42.7cm in size and 22 kg in weight and the Sony MHC-V81D comes with a size of 44.5 x 106.0 x 42.7gm and weighs 26.5 kg.

The Sony audio systems are available across all Sony Center and significant electronic stores in India. The MHC-V41D is worth Rs 30,990, the MHC-V71D and MHC-V81D are priced at Rs 41,990 and Rs 51,990 respectively.  All of Sony’s MHC series audio systems will be available in a Black color option.

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